Screeding :


Middlesex Plastering specialise in the following screeds:

  • Traditional sand/cement
  • Flow screeds
  • Granolithic screeds
  • Quick drying screeds

We have a reputation second to none for the quality of work carried out across the home counties and London. We offer a wide range of screeding products enabling us to provide commercial customers with competitive rates on various screeds.

Traditional screeds

Fully bonded: laid on shot blasted/scabbled concrete base, can be bonded using SBR, or Ronafix to ensure a good bond. 50-75mm of coverage is recommended.

Unbonded screeds: laid on a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) The advantage is that any cracking on the sub floor will not carry through into the screed. Drying time is also increased as you can omit drying time for the concrete. 50-75mm of coverage is recommended.

Floating screeds: are laid on insulation to provide an insulated floor area. 20mm insulation should be placed against any walls/pillars to protect against shrinkage cracking. 50-70mm of coverage is recommended.

All of the above screeds dry at 1mm per day. Drying time can be improved on traditional screeds by using super plasticisers which reduce the amount of water needed.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which specification will be best suited for your project.